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Samsung Giorgio Armani Review

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Phone Arena reviews the Samsung Giorgio Armani phone. It comes as responce to the PRADA by LG and has similar style, but is smaller in dimensions and trades the black color for a unique one. It is operated by the touch sensitive display and similar to the F700, runs on the Croix interface but with personalised color scheme …

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    • yer agree the cam on the n95 is wicked my hubbi has it i was thinkin of gettin the armarni but i dnt knw now iv got the f300 at the mo but i really like the armarni one but avin second thoughts nw after readin the comments

    • guysi love this .. i hiope to buy it,is it god? please tell me! thank you! :)

    • haha….wath a shit….it is to slow….i got iphone and iphone is king for this *phone*

    • Very stylish phone but I prefer the prada

    • Man, I have this phone aswell and let me tell you, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone, its just purely for beauty… texting sucks on it!

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