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Review Clarins Instant Bronzer Self Tanning Tint

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This is a review update on the Clarins Instant Bronzer Self Tanning Tint. Next products to try: St Tropez Xen- Tan Declor Follow me on twitter:

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25 Responses
    • I used Lorael Sublime Instant Tanning Lotion.Maybe u guys should try that instead.Plus, it’s way cheaper.I never had a problem with it making my face dry,It’s $8.99.U can get it at Wal-Mart or Target.I love it!

    • I would suggest a serum like Korres wild Rose and just skip your nose! I hope this helps! Plus make sure you are using a good primer for your makeup and that helps too! :o)

    • It has been dry but nose is a little oily..

    • It will depend on your skin- what is your skin type?

    • what would you recommend for a face moisturizer?

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