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Kangana Ranaut stumbles at a ramp walk

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Kangan Ranaut stumbled while walking the ramp recently at a fashion show! As we all know that Kangana is more famous for her model like looks in the industry than a typical Bollywood actress. That is why she usually plays the role of a model in most of her films; Fashion, Raaz-the mystery, etc. One would think that she is very comfortable walking the ramp by now after all she has had a lot of practice. However, when the media asked her the reason for her tripping on the stage she very conveniently blamed the media for the mishap. She said that the cameras of all the reporters were making her nervous! This was quite an unexpected answer as she has once before also walked the ramp during the Lakme fashion week.

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14 Responses
    • People learn from mistakes.But one should be able to accept their mistakes.And they are good human beings.

    • New age pimps

    • loooove her!!!!

    • fuck u MEDIA..

      she took thousands of perfect walks and what if one goes wrong..??

      salle media wallo ki to ma ki *****.!
      they just know how to discourage a person and nothing else..

    • she looks so pretty when she says : aisay hi aap log bol rahe ho mujhe nervous karnay k liye »

    • Let those reporters just walk the ramp in front of thousands of ppl and show, they would be crying out of nervousness. Rubbish media i tell u!

    • Ager Kangna « slipped » Ho Gaye Tu Kia Howa ? App Appne Zindagi Main Kabhi Slip Nahi Howe :)) And Yeh Live Show Hai Nahi Koi Film Jis MAin Ghalti Cut Ker Dete Hain And Haan Kangna Ne Sahi Kaha App Logon Ko KOi Tameez Nahi Hai App Stage Main Kion Slip Howi Yeh Bhi KOi Sawal Howa ? Woh Bhi Camera On Ker Ke :)) Aise Tu Koi BHi Nervous Ho JAye Ga Jab Camera Pe Ye Sawal Pocha Jaye App Kion Slip Howi Thi ? Logg Kion SLip Hote Hain ? Batow I LOVE KANGANA

    • omg…dude, it doesnt matter if she had tons of practice…ppl make mistakes. and even if u r so famous, cameras will ALWAYS make you nervous…zoomdekho and all these other ppl need a life. dont go bashing other ppl’s mistakes…shes not a frickin robot. do u have any idea how many seasoned model trips and fall?? -____-

    • she and her acts are dumb

    • DUMB!!! This is so dumb….!!!!

    • woww., if it didnt repeat over n over again i wouldnt have figured out that she « slipped » it was like a lil jump.. yeh media wala be naa..

    • hate her walk! ugh

    • WTF Background music sucks !!!!

    • Whats the big deal! She is not a machine! Mistakes do happen! Shitty media!

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