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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2001 (part 1)

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    • what i’ve to say… the first song is really an amazing blend and it is undoubtedly an icing of the cake

    • The secretary glasses were Hot!
      I want them and show them off!!!

    • it is Chase the sun By Planet Funk :)

    • Russian model Anastasia.

    • yes! what song is that?! i really like it but cant find it:-(

    • That’s Grace Kelsey, she was also one of the models on Project Runway season 2.

    • No, not during the rocker section. I’m asking during the babydoll section, who is it right before Stella? She is at 3:48-3:56.

    • The first model is Colette Pechekhonova.

      I don’t think that’s Stella you’re talking about. Stella is the last model to come out in the printed babydoll dress section.

      If you mean the girl during the rocker section who kind of looks like Stella with the sunglasses and pink sheer skirt on, then the girl before her is Carmen Kass in the yellow and gold pants and corset.

    • And who is the model who comes out right before Stella? love her freakish look!

    • what model opened the show?

    • i love the clothes

    • This list is incomplete, and the song at 8:50 is one of the missing tracks.

      Voice clips from « Batman Returns »
      Theme from « Psycho » – Bernard Herman
      Independent Woman – Destiny’s Child
      I Hate Myself For Loving You – Joan Jett
      Toccata and Fugue in D Minor – Bach
      Knight Rider Theme Song
      Firestarter – Prodigy
      Dead Already (from American Beauty Soundtrack) – Thomas Newman
      Bolero/Closing Credits (from Moulin Rouge Soundtrack) remix – Craig Armstrong

    • does anyone know the track list? and especially the sound around the 8:50 mark :)

      thanks xx

    • The Psycho theme is incredible!!! Great show too!

    • i have to agree and say the amazons were quite lovely

    • I’m in love with the secretaries and the Amazons myself. But the music from the Wonder Woman section is pretty amazing too.

    • I was just about to put these up myself, but you beat me to the punch, spike! Fantastic show…the secretaries and the housewives are my favorite sections! The Psycho theme song is DIVINE!!!

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